Duncan James Cameron believes that land in downtown Toronto is irreplaceable. And so, it is with passion and expertise that every square foot is thoughtfully considered, and expertly reimagined with a keen eye for unique design. The results are homes that stand out, and far exceed the standards of luxury in Toronto’s core neighbourhoods.

Duncan is able to pinpoint the properties with the highest potential and then work intimately with architects, builders, and designers to integrate new materials, technologies, and systems with innovative, avant-garde design to realize and maximize that potential. Extensive knowledge of bylaws, building codes, and procuring additional building permissions ensures that the design and build of each home adds the most value possible to each property.

Duncan is proud to be a member of Harvey Kalles Real Estate which is one of the top Brokerages in the Country where he has been recognized for his successes with Chairman’s Club and Director’s Circle awards.

If you are looking to purchase a dream home, we welcome you to review our menu of exceptional new homes coming soon to discover what resplendent creations are currently being developed, and might be soon available for your purchase!