Developers – Toronto Fine Homes

Toronto Fine Homes helps developers Define Values in a designated area, by establishing the Right project, in the Right locations.  We work with our Developers, Renovators, and Builders as a team.  We identify the right layouts, style of home, and finishes that would appeal to the current buyers in that area.  This End to End approach removes as much guessing as possible.  With clear vision for the right product, established timelines, and our Pre-Marketing strategies, combined with a stock of pre-qualified buyers, we can assure an insatiable demand.

For the more seasoned developers, we offer a clear path to why certain projects are viable, and why we avoid others.

Toronto Fine Homes helps its builder partners grow their margins: because we are always on the ground for early level reconnaissance, continuously watching, learning, and, most often, establishing our own trends in designated areas.  We constantly refine our methods of better, early prediction.  This approach helps everyone determine a reasonable acquisition price, stay within pre-defined budgetary parameters, and project reasonable sale prices for projects done right.  Toronto Fine Homes is obsessed with your return on investment at each stage of your process.

Toronto Fine Homes team is an aggressive, data-driven, laser-guided, precision engine of real estate Brokers.  All our projects receive a custom designed plan and strategy.  Where some brokers rely on a shotgun approach (You win some, You lose some) TFH is about the predetermined success of each project.  Our business and  insight allow the builder to make more informed, tactically sound decisions.

How do we do that?

Early reconnaissance: Deep understanding of why past projects did well, from our builders, or from our competition.  Translate our insight into your success.

Understand timelines and timing of projects,  When to close on a purchase, when to break ground, and when to target project completion and hitting the market

Customize each project for a smooth process… from bringing in pertinent consultants who help us acquire permits, deal with committee of adjustments, city planners, to introducing trades and sub-trades.  We help recognize layout and design flaws that could, or should be avoided, to incorporating our insight with layouts,  finishes and staging.

Once we know what you are going to do to get the development ready, TFH targets  the right market, buyers, their representatives, and media with proven and carefully planned marketing rollout – which begins very early on in the planning process. We pick a careful narrative we want to feed to the market, schedule each step right up to completion of the project, and activate our campaign months before the project is complete.

Predictable Results:

Our Systemized marketing and budgeting strategies SEED the market with interest for your Development project.

The market where we operate already expects from TFH an established level of success at delivering top end product.  These consumers are comfortable in paying Top Dollar because they know we deliver the best products on the market.